CodeSynthesis XSD/e Customers

XSD/e is open-source software with hundreds of downloads in a typical week. It is, therefore, not possible to give a comprehensive list of its users. The following is a selection of organizations that are using XSD/e on a commercial basis. For product testimonials refer to the XSD/e User Quotes page.

Note also that the XSD/e proprietary license agreement has been reviewed and approved by legal departments of many major technology companies not listed below. Contact us to find out if other projects in your organization are already using XSD/e.

Intel Intel® Corporation is the world's largest designer and manufacturer of microprocessors and related semiconductor products. The company uses XSD/e in its embedded XML processing software.
Airbus Defence and Space Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands B.V., an Airbus Defence and Space company, is a supplier of subsystems for the defence and space industries with products ranging from military aircraft and night vision equipment through to satellite services and advanced robotics technology. The company uses XSD/e on the Integrity 178b safety-critical RTOS.
SRC SRC, Inc is a research and development company with a focus on the solutions for the defense, environment, and intelligence industries. The company uses XSD/e in its SR Hawk Battlefield Surveillance Radars.
IPC Systems IPC Systems, Inc delivers mission-critical trading technology and connectivity solutions to financial market participants around the world. The company uses XSD/e in its IP Voice Recording (IPVR) systems.
Thales Group The Thales Group is a global technology leader for the aerospace, space, defense, security, and transportation industries with proven capabilities in large-scale software systems. The company uses XSD/e to handle its XML-based Common Telemetry Information Platform (CTIP) Communication Format.
Alcatel-Lucent Alcatel-Lucent is a global telecommunications corporation focusing on fixed, mobile, and converged broadband networking hardware, IP technologies, software, and services. The company uses XSD/e in its GLMS products.
Danaher Motion Danaher Motion is the world's leading supplier of electromagnetic, mechanical, and control technologies for complex manufacturing operations. The company uses XSD/e in its high-performance motion control systems.
Bosch Rexroth AG Bosch Rexroth AG, a member of the Bosch Group, is the world's leading provider of drive and control technologies. The company uses XSD/e in its Rexroth Tightening System.
MOD Systems MOD Systems specializes in the design and manufacturing of digital content delivery systems. The company uses XSD/e to handle XML data in its media-on-demand embedded platforms.