What is XML Data Binding?

Business Overview

XML Data Binding simplifies the process of reading, processing, and writing XML data from your application. All the necessary code is automatically generated from your XML vocabulary description (XML Schema) and is specific to your problem domain.

Technical Overview

The technical side of XML Data Binding is straightforward: instead of manually extracting the data stored in XML using APIs such as DOM or SAX, automate this task by presenting the data as C++ class objects which model the vocabulary you are working with. For example, instead of looking for an element named "age" and then converting its text content to an int, you simply call a function called age which returns the age as an integer.

Why Use XML Data Binding?

Business Reasons

Technical Reasons

Why Use CodeSynthesis XSD?

Business Reasons

Technical Reasons

Case Study

RUAG Electronics, a subsidiary of the RUAG Holding, is a European expert in high-precision technologies for the aerospace and defense sectors as well as for the automotive, semiconductor and mechanical engineering industries. The company has selected CodeSynthesis XSD for its Simulation & Training systems.

The company's needs for XML Data Binding amounted to 50,000 lines of the generated code. By using CodeSynthesis XSD, RUAG Electronics saved an estimated 24 person-months of effort, at least EUR 85,000 in development costs, and reduced time to market by at least 12 months.