[xsstl-users] xsstl 1.0.0 released

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Thu Apr 27 11:16:55 EDT 2006

Good day,

We've released xsstl 1.0.0. XSSTL stands for the XML Schema Standard
Type Library. The following types are available in this release:

    EmailAddress   Email address

    IPv4Address         IPv4 address in the dotted-decimal notation
    Port                Port number
    IPv4Endpoint        IPv4 address and port pair
    IPv4EndpointStruct  Structured IPv4 address and port pair

    ISO3166CountyCode   Two-letter (alpha-2) ISO 3166-1 country code

    Percentage   Percent value in the range [0, 100]

    PhoneNumber             Full international telephone number
    PhoneCountryCode        Telephone country code
    PhoneAreaCode           Telephone area code
    PhoneSubscriberNumber   Telephone subscriber number
    PhoneExtensionNumber    Telephone extension number
    PhoneNumberStruct       Structured full international telephone number

    RFC822DateTime   Date and time formatted according to the RFC822.

    USStateTerritoryCode     50 states + 9 territories
    USStateCode              50 states + District of Columbia
    USTerritoryCode          9 territories - District of Columbia
    USContinentalStateCode   USStateCode - Hawaii
    USContiguousStateCode    USContiguousStateCode - Alaska

The source code for this release is available from the project's web page:


SHA1 checksums for the files:

  b149c4f851477968c81c1916b75bb861a502c364  xsstl-1.0.0.tar.gz
  fecefb3eb330d94bd8d898a0cdef70ad4d67b5fd  xsstl-1.0.0.zip

have fun,
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