[xsde-users] Re: C++ enum mapping

Thomas Frenzel (TomSun) tftomsun at streamteam.de
Tue Oct 27 05:13:46 EDT 2009

Hi Boris,

hybrid is already perfect. I use mostly the following parameters to generate the code:
Xsde\bin\xsde.exe cxx-hybrid  --no-stl --no-iostream --generate-parser --generate-serializer --generate-aggregate  --generate-typeinfo --generate-polymorphic --no-long-long MySchema.xsd

I use xsd/e to exchange data between an embedded WinCE 5.0 device or Win32 PC and .NET code. For the .NET side, i use another code generator called CodeXS. The code that uses Xsde runs on Win CE as well as on Win 32. I just build the different versions against different Xsde Builds. I've attached my config files that i use to build the xsde.lib's for both platforms. Maybe u can use these configurations to build the pre-release.

Thank you in advance,
Regards, Thomas


From: Boris Kolpackov [mailto:boris at codesynthesis.com]
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Subject: C++ enum mapping

Hi Thomas,
  I have implemented the XML Schema enumeration to C++ enum mapping
  for C++/Hybrid but looking at your previous emails I am not sure if
  that's the mapping you are using. Your original email was talking
  about C++/Parser and C++/Serializer though your recent emails (e.g.,
  the one about detecting polymorphism) are about C++/Hybrid.
  Can you also let me know which host development platform you are 
  using so that I can build you a pre-release binary?
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