[xsd-announcements] XSD 2.3.1.b2 released

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Tue Dec 5 06:15:46 EST 2006


We have released 2.3.1.b2 which is the second beta and a release candidate
for the upcoming 2.3.1 maintenance release. The NEWS file entries so far
are as follows:

  * The compiler is now capable of translating multiple schemas in one

  * New option, --sloc-limit, allows one to limit the amount of the
    generated code.

  * New option, --proprietary-license, instructs the compiler not to
    include the GPL banner in each generated file. Instead a short
    notice about a required proprietary license is generated. You
    should not use this option unless you have obtained a proprietary
    license from Code Synthesis Tools CC.


    * The --parts option has been improved to split generated code more
      evenly by analyzing the complexity of the generated schema constructs.

    * Optimizations for the run-time memory consumption.

    * Optimizations for space in the generated code.

    * Number of bug fixes.


    * Proper handling of an xsd:any nested content. Nested elements,
      attributes, and text are reported via _any_* hooks of the current

    * Number of bug fixes, mostly in the generated validation code.

In addition, this release adds support for Intel C++ 9.1 on GNU/Linux
and Windows as well as IBM XL C++ 7.0 and 8.0 on GNU/Linux and AIX. A
precompiled binary for AIX is coming soon.

Thanks to the following individuals for reporting bugs as well as
suggesting fixes and improvements:

Patrick Shinpaugh <shpatric at vt.edu>
Harish Prasad <harish_tak at yahoo.com>
Eric Hasan <shasan at mitre.org>

Precompiled binary distributions are available from the product's
download page:


Source code for this release is available from the project's web page:


SHA1 checksums for the files:

48ec310e43ee96640217247eeb6cc070655ba501  xsd-2.3.1.b2.tar.bz2
ff1781b7b0f2267daba82e8cdd5b8067f623bb2d  xsd-2.3.1.b2-i686-linux-gnu.tar.bz2
f57731c1bcee2fe917e61737375d68a5fcb19a21  xsd-2.3.1.b2-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.bz2
f0e7d0bc373a2371459fc457a9e224b17ac11da5  xsd-2.3.1.b2-i686-windows.zip

have fun,
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