[odb-users] strategies for dealing with blocking behaviour (postgresql)

Friedrich Haven cmusch at gmx.at
Thu Mar 17 12:20:42 EDT 2022


   my understanding is that ODB offers a blocking API, and uses the
   blocking API of underlying libraries (e.g. PQExec for postgresql).

   What is the intended way to deal with situations in which blocking is
   not acceptable? Are there reasonable alternatives to just wrapping ODB
   calls in threads?
   Are there any ideas or plans about offering a non-blocking style of
   interaction in a future version?

   My specific scenario is: ODB is used to connect to a postgresql
   cluster behind a virtual IP. Failover of the cluster can lead to
   blocking calls which return only after several tens of seconds (after
   certain TCP timeouts run out), long after the failover successfully


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