[odb-users] compiling odb library

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Wed Mar 16 07:44:00 EDT 2022

Phillip Shelton <phillip.shelton at cardno.com.au> writes:

> > C:\compilers\hello>b hello\ config.cxx=g++.exe
> > terminate called after throwing an instance of 'butl::invalid_basic_path<char>'
> >   what():  invalid filesystem path
> It failed with the same error.

Ok, that's good, I feel like we are getting close. Could you re-run
the above command with --verbose=3:

> b hello\ config.cxx=g++.exe --verbose=3

Also, could you run the following two commands (I suspect the output
from one of them is the culprit):

> g++.exe -std=c++2a -print-search-dirs

> g++.exe -std=c++2a -x c++ -v -E - <empty

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