[odb-users] compiling odb library

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Tue Mar 15 06:38:50 EDT 2022

Phillip Shelton <phillip.shelton at cardno.com.au> writes:

> C:\compilers\odb_build>where g++
> c:\compilers\mingw64\bin\g++.exe
> c:\compilers\build2\bin\g++.exe
> C:\compilers\odb_build>bpkg create -d libodb-mingw-release cc config.cxx=g++ config.cc.coptions=-02 config.install.root=c:\compilers\odb\release --wipe

This should work.

> terminate called after throwing an instance of 'butl::invalid_basic_path<char>'
>   what():  invalid filesystem path

Hm, I wonder if it's something in the output of your MinGW GCC
that trips build2 up. Can you try this in some temporary directory:

> bdep new -t exe hello
> b hello\ config.cxx=g++.exe

If you get the same error, can you send the output of the following
command (they are executed by build2 underneath to query various
compiler properties):

> g++ -v
> g++ -print-multiarch
> g++ -dumpmachine
> echo // >dummy
> g++ -x c++ -E - <dummy

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