[odb-users] Cannot Compile ODB Compiler on RHEL 8.5

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Jun 13 10:50:11 EDT 2022

Tyler Lytle <tlytle123 at gmail.com> writes:

> I think I am going down a rabbit hole of RPM issues. The RHEL 8.5 ISO that
> contains the RedHat provided repository does not seem to have a plugin
> support package for GCC 8.

Hm, that's strange. I did a bit of googling and at least CentOS seems
to have it. It appears the package you are looking for should be called:


> I instead downloaded the precompiled ODB 2.4.0 RPM from the Code
> Synthesis website and installed that and I am now making headway.
> [...]
> After doing this, I can now get configure to work. However, when trying to
> make the libodb-mysql runtime library, I get a mountain of errors.

I took a look in the commit history[1] and it appears we've made a number
of changes since the 2.4.0 release to make libodb-mysql compatible with
newer versions of MySQL:

I can try to look through the log and point you to the relevant patches
that you could then try to apply to libodb-mysql-2.4.0, but I think you
will have a much better experience going forward if you manage to get your
GCC plugin support sorted and then build the latest 2.5.0 pre-release
based on these instructions:


[1] https://git.codesynthesis.com/cgit/odb/libodb-mysql/log/

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