[odb-users] Schema migration of sub-class (adding attributes)

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Fri Jul 15 08:17:29 EDT 2022

Paul Stath <PStath at jmawireless.com> writes:

> Is this a known issue?   If not when I have time I'll create a minimal
> test that re-creates the issue.

I am a bit fuzzy on exactly what's going on here, but this doesn't ring
a bell. So if you could create a reproducer, I can confirm whether this
is still present in the latest pre-release (and also hopefully clear up
the fuzziness).

> Is there a way to force the use of the "svm" method signatures for a
> class other than having added/deleted pragmas in the base class?

This normally shouldn't be necessary so there is no explicit mechanism
for this. I think the first step should be to understand why there is a
segfault, not necessarily trying to force the base to be treated as
versioned when nothing about it has changed.

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