[odb-users] compiling odb library

Phillip Shelton phillip.shelton at cardno.com.au
Wed Feb 23 17:35:58 EST 2022

I am hoping to be able to use odb for a project on Windows 10 compiled with MinGW.

All my code, and the two or three external projects that I have so far been using, I am able to compile using the vanilla windows command line.

I do not have access to MSVC, and, as the rest of my code is compiled with MinGW using CMake, it would not help even if I did.

You published instructions say that to compile the odb and odb-sqlite libs I need to use the same compiler and compiler options as the project uses.
But they also say that to compile with MinGW I should follow the linux install document.  This document, unfortunately, assumes that one is running a system that understands

make install

however the vanilla windows command line does not understand ./configure.  Do you have CMake or build2 recipes for building the odb and odb-sqlite libs?

Either of these would be greatly appreciated.
Phillip Shelton

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