[odb-users] Custom migration functions fails when migrating multiple versions

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Wed Apr 27 06:49:40 EDT 2022

stef dalbosco <stef.dalbosco at hotmail.com> writes:

> I have a db object that has a member that I want to fill in at run time. So
> I registered a migration function that fills in that member when migrating
> to that version.
> In this migration function, I loaded in the object because the default value
> is depended on the other members. This worked as expected until a new
> version was added that added a new member.
> If I now migrate both versions at the same time, my custom migration
> function crashes when I query. I think this is because it calls code that is
> already for the newest version but the schema is still in between.

I am pretty sure what you are looking for are "Soft Object Model Changes":


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