[odb-users] Getting the ODB Compiler to Find the System Headers After macOS Catalina Update

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Tue May 18 06:16:11 EDT 2021

Brian Coggins <becoggins at hotmail.com> writes:

> I'm giving that a try, and with homebrew gcc updated to gcc 11, I'm
> getting errors in the ODB compilation. I updated build2 to 0.13.0,
> set up a new build configuration of odb-gcc-11, and build2 is trying
> to update ODB to 2.5.0-b.19+1 from the b.17 that I was on previously.

I would suggest that you try GCC 10 instead because (1) 11 was just
released and I would not be surprised if there are still issues with
the Homebrew port and (2) ODB 2.5.0-b.19 does not support GCC 11.

If, however, you would like to stick with GCC 11, then you can try
build2/ODB from the staging repository (the version of ODB there
supports GCC 11):


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