[odb-users] Errors building with ccache

Wolfgang Haupt haupt.wolfgang at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 11:18:55 EDT 2021

On 25.03.21 13:59, Boris Kolpackov wrote:
> Wolfgang Haupt <haupt.wolfgang at gmail.com> writes:
>> I've seen a problem compiling the odb compiler with ccache.
> Yes, this is a known issue and the next version of build2 will
> help with detecting the situation better:
> https://github.com/build2/build2/issues/86#issuecomment-647401742
> In a nutshell, while ccache advertises itself as real GCC, it in
> fact is not and is incapable of handling the way build2 compiles
> things (with -fdirectives-only, etc). But the above bug report
> has some further pointers if you want to try to make it work (our
> long-term plan is to provide built-in support for distributed
> compilation and caching).

I somehow missed the ticket, sorry - sounds like a tricky situation.

I compile as part of an operating system that cross-compiles to a variety
of architectures.
That system has a script called host-g++ in it's toolchain that will always
use ccache, so all tools built with the host compiler (swig, cmake, odb,
are unconditionally built with ccache.
Guess I'll add a way to not use ccache for odb meanwhile.

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