[odb-users] how to blob an array of float in mysql with odb 2.4.0?

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Wed Jun 23 09:20:29 EDT 2021

icewill9999 at vip.qq.com writes:

> we have a lot of codes developed on odb 2.4.0, are these codes
> compatible with the latest version?

Yes, you shouldn't normally have any issues migrating from 2.4.0
to 2.5.0. Another alternative would be to look through the change
log of libodb-mysql[1], try to locate the patch that presumably have
fixed this issue, and backport it to 2.4.0.

[1] https://git.codesynthesis.com/cgit/odb/libodb-mysql/log/

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