[odb-users] C++11 To-Many Relationship using std::shared_ptr<std::vector<std::shared_ptr<...>>>

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Thu Jul 29 11:21:28 EDT 2021

Behling Carsten <Carsten.Behling at wiesheu.de> writes:

> std::vector<std::shared_ptr<dal::ProgramData>> programs_;
> to
> std::shared_ptr<std::vector<std::shared_ptr<dal::ProgramData>>> programs_;

What is the intended semantics of the outer shared_ptr? Is it just for
storage (a "wrapper" in the ODB terminology) or do you expect it to play
some relationship role?

> I'm on Deian Stretch using quite old ODB 2.4.0.
> Anyway ODB compiler should not crash.

Could you try the latest pre-release and see if it makes any difference:


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