[odb-users] Getting error while generating database support code using ODB.

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Wed Jul 28 10:44:34 EDT 2021

Barik, Bibhudutta <bibhudutta_barik at baxter.com> writes:

> I am getting error while generating database support code using ODB.
> Below is the error after putting this command.
> [cid:image001.jpg at 01D783E8.370D7880]

Please don't send error messages as images (or any other attachments).
Rather, include the text of the error in the email directly. See Posting
Guidelines for details:


The error you are getting has to do with the (old) GCC that is
bundled with the ODB 2.4.0 release being no longer compatible
with your (newer) OS. In the upcoming release of ODB we are
moving away from bundling GCC with ODB instead using the system-
provided version. Could you try the following setup instructions
for the 2.5.0 pre-release and see if it helps:


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