[odb-users] Load old DB after adding new class data member

Justin Huang yohuang at nvidia.com
Tue Jan 5 09:03:55 EST 2021

Hi Boris,

I added a new line '#pragma db model version(1, 2)' at the top of class header file, and added '#pragma db added(2)' before the newly added bool data member in class definition, then the old db can be loaded successfully. I see a new table named by 'schema_version' is created in newly created db.

Thanks a lot for quick suggestion.


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Justin Huang <yohuang at nvidia.com> writes:

> I added a new boolean data member (with default value false) for a 
> class, but I want to load a DB generated before adding this new data 
> member.  I got '1: no such column' error when I tried to load old DB 
> after updating the class.
> Is there a way that ODB can load this old db?

I think the soft object model changes support should allow you to achieve this, see "Soft Object Model Changes" for details:


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