[odb-users] How to operate shared mysql databases and tables through ODB?

karnlai(赖正敏) karnlai at tencent.com
Thu Aug 5 22:57:12 EDT 2021

Hi, I am trying to use ODB.

As the data volume is growing rapidly, we need to use shared database and tables in our project to ensure performance and reliability.

Suppose we have db_00, db_01,…, db10, and each db has tb_00, …., tb…10, where the structure of each db and each table is same. They only differ in name.

According to the doc of ODB, each entity is mapped to a table, but it is inefficient to create 10 different classes with same fields for the 10 tables which only differ in name, right?

Hence, my doubt is, does ODB support operating shared databases and tables? How to use that?


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