[odb-users] Quoted database names in Oracle

Adam Walters awalters at spsy.com
Tue Aug 3 14:30:31 EDT 2021

Hi there,
I would like to replace some ancient Oracle database code in an application with a nice ODB-based implementation but one of the problems I have encountered is the default behaviour of ODB to use quotes around table names (tables, columns, etc.). Since I am trying to make this replacement as close as possible, I would like to retain the existing database convention that uses no quotes around the objects.
I tried using the --table-regex etc. options but they do not appear to be able to remove the quotes from the resulting names of database entities. Obviously, just changing the schema generation sql to remove the quotes results in the desired naming but won't work with ODB after that. Is there a way to create the database entities without quotes by passing an option to the ODB complier?

Adam Walters
Software Consultant
Spectra Systems Corp.

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