[odb-users] mysql_real_connect fails

Don Burns burns.don at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 19:48:14 EDT 2020

I'm having trouble getting out of the start gate with the hello world
example in the documentation.  I've spent a day in the debugger, modifying
code, writing tests and I'm at a loss as I can't seem to connect to the
mysql database.

$ ./driver
2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket
'/tmp/mysql.sock' (2)

The error occurs because mysql_real_connect() returns null in
in the osdb::mysql::connection constructor.

I have written a separate stand-alone test program that makes the mysql
calls identically as the odb::mysql::connection constructor (including use
of an identically implemented auto_handle), and this succeeds.

I also replaced the odb::mysql::connection constructor code with this code
from another stand-alone test program, which should have nothing to do with
anything in the rest of the odb libraries, and it FAILS when called from
the connection constructor:

    connection (connection_factory& cf)
        : odb::connection (cf), failed_ (false), active_ (0)
    MYSQL *m_mysql = mysql_init(NULL);
    if( m_mysql == 0L )
        std::cerr << "mysql_init failed!" << std::endl;
        throw bad_alloc ();

    m_mysql = mysql_real_connect(m_mysql,
            0 );
    if( m_mysql == 0L )
        std::cerr << "mysql_real_connect FAILED!" << std::endl;
        throw 44;

    printf("%p\n", m_mysql );

    int ret = mysql_query( m_mysql, "INSERT INTO person VALUES
('0','Mickey', 'Mouse','90');" );
    printf("%d\n", ret );
    ret = mysql_query( m_mysql, "SELECT * FROM person;" );
    printf("%d\n", ret );

      // Do this after we have established the connection.
      statement_cache_.reset (new statement_cache_type (*this));

The above code works in the standalone program, updating the database as

What is it about the context within odb that is causing this to fail?  I'm
scratching my head.



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