[odb-users] Support for ODB on QNX

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Aug 24 06:50:04 EDT 2020

Juan Pablo Samper <jp.samper at apex.ai> writes:

> I did try to use the QNX-provided libssl and libcrypto, and I ran into the
> following:
> $ bpkg build libmysqlclient ?sys:libssl ?sys:libcrypto
> error: unable to import target libssl%lib{ssl}
> So then I set  config.import.libssl.ssl.lib in the build/config.build:
> config.import.libssl.ssl.lib = /path/to/qnx/usr/lib

This is now quite how you would do this for a library (the suggestion
is misleading becasue it's printed by generic code that is used to
import other things, like executables; need to see if we can fix that).

The proper way to resolve this is to supply -I/-L options during the
configuration creation. This section in the introduction has the


> But then bpkg crashes:

I believe we have fixed this already in master.

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