[odb-users] Pointer to a objects list.

Xavier Monset xavier.monset at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 10:32:08 EDT 2020

Hi !

I have two classes 'Groupe' and 'Consignes'. Groupe own a list of Consignes.

#include <odb/core.hxx>
#pragma db object
class Groupe
    friend class odb::access;
#pragma db id auto
    unsigned long id_;

    map<int, Arrets* > liste_arrets;

    StatsEcPhGroupe *messtatsEcPh = new StatsEcPhGroupe();
    StatsTempsGroupe *mesStatsTemps = new StatsTempsGroupe();
    StatsVolumeGroupe *mesStatsVolume = new StatsVolumeGroupe();

*    list<Consignes_Injection_Exterieure*> *mesConsignesInjectionExterieure
= new list<Consignes_Injection_Exterieure*>;*


bla bla bla
the line "   list<Consignes_Injection_Exterieure*>
*mesConsignesInjectionExterieure = new
list<Consignes_Injection_Exterieure*>; " seems to not be right for odb. I
have this error :

error: unable to map C++ type '::std::list<
::Consignes_Injection_Exterieure* >*' used in data member
'mesConsignesInjectionExterieure' to a MySQL database type
 info: use '#pragma db type' to specify the database type

How should I handle it ?
Thanks a lot.

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