[odb-users] issue while working with MySQL database

Karen Arutyunov karen at codesynthesis.com
Wed Sep 11 08:44:52 EDT 2019

 > now I'm adding MySQL option and getting a loong list of errors
 > starting with this one in odb_gen/*_odb .hpp and .cpp files

Yes, there is a bug in the latest libodb-mysql that may pop up when 
build your project against libmysqlclient >= 8.0.11.

The fix is pushed to the git repository but is not released. Could you 
give it a try?

Given you have installed ODB by following instructions at 
and still have the odb-build directory around, run the following 
commands to upgrade libodb-mysql from the git repository:

$ cd odb-build/gcc-X

$ bpkg build 
libodb-mysql at https://git.codesynthesis.com/odb/libodb-mysql.git#fix-bind-decl

$ bpkg install libodb-mysql

And thanks for the report.

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