[odb-users] How to cache the queried object pointer?

Justin Huang yohuang at nvidia.com
Tue Nov 5 10:15:42 EST 2019

Hi Boris,

You root caused it so quickly. Thanks very much! The Module_ports table is now created when I commented out #pragma db transient. I spent a lot of time to find a workaround, i.e., I added a dummy data member before ports_. Now I can remove it.

Maybe this can be documented in the manual html page.


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Justin Huang <yohuang at nvidia.com> writes:

> public:
>     #pragma db transient
>     static std::map<std::string, Module*> modules_;
>     static size_t count;
> private:
>     std::vector<Port*>               ports_;
>     std::vector<Instance*>       instances_;
>     std::vector<Connection*> connections_;

You don't need to mark static data members as transient. And I think what happens here is that db transient pragma applies to the first non-static data member, which is ports_.
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