[odb-users] Problems using ODB w/SQLite on Windows

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Thu May 30 10:10:54 EDT 2019

Syre, William <wsyre at harris.com> writes:

> Here is the full output starting with the .bat file. 
> H:\build2-build>build2-install-mingw-0.10.0.bat
> [...]
> H:\build2-build>if exist C:\build2\ rmdir /S /Q C:\build2
> C:\build2\bin\mingw - Access is denied.
> H:\build2-build>move build2-baseutils-0.10.0-x86_64-windows C:\build2
> Access is denied.

Ok, the script failed (because it cannot write to C:\build2, the
default installation location). Try this:

> build2-install-mingw-0.10.0.bat H:\build2

And then use H:\build2 instead of C:\build2 everywhere, for example:

> set "PATH=H:\build2\bin;%PATH%"
> where bpkg

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