[odb-users] native query with CTE

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Mar 18 08:46:39 EDT 2019

Lisa Fiedler <lfiedler at informatik.uni-leipzig.de> writes:

> I just checked out the 2.5.0-b.11 release and built it. There, as you
> assumed correctly it works out perfectly find.
> So I am going to work with this for the time being.
> Thanks a lot for your help!!

You are welcome.

While the "official" 2.5.0 release is coming, at this stage in the
development cycle the pre-release is as stable as 2.4.0, we are using
it ourselves in multiple projects, we have migrated a number of users
with very good results, and it is fully supported (i.e., we provide
the same level of support as for 2.4.0).

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