[odb-users] Unable to generate .sql files with odb and sqlite database

alain.mari2 at free.fr alain.mari2 at free.fr
Thu Jan 10 16:44:37 EST 2019


When using odb with SQL Server, everything is fine when compiling C++ headers with odb options :
odb.exe --std c++11 --database mssql --generate-schema --generate-query --table-prefix mytab_ myheader.hxx
The .sql files are correctly generated, and I can create my schema.

But when I am using odb with sqlite and this command :
odb.exe --std c++11 --database sqlite --generate-schema --generate-query --table-prefix mytab_ myheader.hxx
No .sql files are generated !

How can I do to create .sql files and create tables is my sqlite db file (I don't want to use sqlite 'in memory') ?
.sql created with SQL Server are not compatible with sqlite ...



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