[odb-users] Questions about accessing database in parrallel(PPL library) using odb

Music samal zxbzswxr at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 20:13:59 EST 2018

following your advise , I  have tried another sence ..
I use 20 iterations and plus 200ms in every iteration using "wait(200);"
the parralel scene is better than serial scence ... I used cout to pirnt
commit message and found that  code was been implemented in serial scene
with no delay
while take a little time before the iteration really began in parrallel
scence , It's about 1500ms~ 2000ms delay

I searched in MSDN  and found  parallel_for and parrallel_for_each  which
PPL supplies
will take a short time rearrangging all iterations to work threads before
iteration begin , and different scheduling policy can be
choosen to lead to different  performance influence ..

Another scence, I increase the iteration number to 100'000.,obviously  I
kick out "wait(200)" and "cout" in every iteration
and wait for result.
the serial time 102062ms
the parrallel time 27063ms
It's amazing !!!

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