[odb-users] object view query

MM finjulhich at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 15:29:30 EDT 2018


I am struggling to express a query that will load my objects where the
condition depends on non direct relationships on another specified object.

struct MyGroup {
   std::vector<Period> periods;
   int id;
#pragma db object(MyGroup)

struct Period {
    MyObjectContainer* c;
#pragma db value(Period) definition
#pragma db member(Period::c) transient
#pragma db member(Period::cid) virtual(int) ...

struct MyObjectContainer {
   int id;
#pragma db object(MyObjectContainer)  definition

struct MyObject {
  int id;
  MyObjectContainer* mycontainer;
#pragma db object(MyObject) definition
#pragma db member(MyObject::containerid) virtual(int) ...

I am given a MyGroup id, and I need to load all the MyObjects such that
their "mycontainer" is referred to by 1 of the Periods in the given MyGroup.

I know how to write the direct SELECT query for that but I'd rather load
MyGroup via a db.query call.

Perhaps I don't even need a view and I can express this as a regular
db.query<MyObject>( .... )


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