[odb-users] PostgreSQL C++ ORM (ODB): What's the scope of database lock in transactions? Can transactions fail?

Sam lists1 at afach.de
Fri Jul 20 10:06:24 EDT 2018

   Thank you for the response, Boris. Funny enough, I read the whole
   chapter except for this section. I'll definitely read the chapter
   again. I gather from what I read now that this kind of errors is
   "recoverable", and I should keep repeating the operation until it
   works, and that the error I described is a deadlock and is a common

   Have a nice day!


   On 20/07/2018 15:40, Boris Kolpackov wrote:

Sam [1]<lists1 at afach.de> writes:

The ODB manual never seems to be discussing a failure situation,
except when the program fails.

Section 3.7, "Error Handling and Recovery".

In fact, if I were someone "new to database development", I would read
Chapter 3 from beginning till end.


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