[odb-users] Unit-testing odb::result<MyClassTable>

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Fri Jan 26 08:53:21 EST 2018

Javier Gutierrez <javier.gutierrez at web.de> writes:

> first of all thank you very much for the great job.

Thanks, I am glad you are enjoying it.

> I am in the process of unit-testing a function that calls a method that
> returns odb::result<MyClassTable>.
> So basically what I want is to mock that method and to return instead my own
> version of an odb::result object pointing to a couple of made-up
> MyClassTable objects.
> I have tried to create my own version of odb::result by inheriting from the
> template odb::view_result_impl, but can't figure out how to go further.

You would need to implement its virtual interface to load objects from,
say, a vector instead of the database:

    virtual void
    load (object_type&, bool fetch = true) = 0;

    virtual id_type
    load_id () = 0;

    virtual void
    next () = 0;

    virtual void
    cache () = 0;

    virtual std::size_t
    size () = 0;

> I analyzed the possibility to return std::vector instead of odb::result and
> to convert from odb::result to std::vector in the real method, but obviously
> that's an overkill..

Yes, if I were to go this direction, then I would make my code accept a
container template rather than odb::result<> so that I can call it either
with that or std::vector<>. The iteration interface in odb::result<> is
intentionally std-compatible to allow such generic code.


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