[odb-users] internal compiler error: cult:compiler::context::no_entry

MM finjulhich at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 14:21:42 EDT 2018

For the purposes of preparing a small self-sufficient test case to diagnose
this issue, with 2.5.0-b3 taken and compiled from
https://codesynthesis.com/~boris/tmp/odb/pre-release/, I have this question.

Currently, I call odb compiler like so:

odb -d sqlite --sqlite-override-null --std c++14 --profile boost
--omit-drop --generate-query --generate-schema-only --schema-format sql
--at-once -I/src -I/usr/include --changelog-dir /src/odb --options-file
/src/vendors/odb/boost-multiarray.options --input-name mydbname
/src/file_1.hpp ... /src/file_n.hpp

terminate called after throwing an instance of

/src/file_M.hpp:20:12: internal compiler error: Aborted
 #pragma db member(prtfelt::strat) virtual(blitzq::nstring) \

This is just to generate the schema, not c++ is generated.

Does the odb compiler use each header file argument separately? or does it
concatenate all the headers to produce the SQL.

This can help me understand how to focus on the smallest test case to


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