[odb-users] Variable name conflict in generated code

Dieter Govaerts dieter.govaerts at bricsys.com
Wed Sep 13 09:15:39 EDT 2017


Consider following example:

#ifndef TEST_H
#define TEST_H

#include <memory>
#include <string>

#pragma db namespace() pointer(std::shared_ptr)

#pragma db object
struct Key
	#pragma db id auto
	unsigned id_;
	std::string name_;
using KeyPtr = std::shared_ptr<Key>;

#pragma db object
struct KeyValue
	#pragma db id not_null
	KeyPtr key_;
	std::string value_;

#endif // TEST_H

If compiled with:
odb --std c++11 --database sqlite --generate-query test.h

it produces an error in the generated code for method access::object_traits_impl< ::KeyValue, id_sqlite >::id. Two different variables are declared "id_type id" and "obj_traits::id_type id" in different scopes but are both used in a single statement.

I can fix it of course by renaming one of them but wanted to inform you to have it fixed by a next release.


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