Re[2]: [odb-users] compilation error

Сергей Никонов shprotello at
Sun Sep 3 12:57:26 EDT 2017

Hi Boris,

This ODB command line is the same for all input files:

-d sqliite --std c++11 --output-dir D:/dbdemo/dbdemo_vc14_win64/src/xdb/test --include-with-brackets --include-prefix xdb/test --generate-query --generate-session --generate-schema --schema-name xdb -I"D:/dbdemo/3rdparties/occt_vc14_64_root/inc" -I"D:/dbdemo/3rdparties/odb-2.4.0" -I"D:/dbdemo/3rdparties/odb_sqlite-2.4.0" -I"D:/dbdemo/dbdemo/src" -I"D:/dbdemo/dbdemo_vc14_win64/src" --hxx-suffix .h --ixx-suffix _inline.h --cxx-suffix .cpp --odb-file-suffix _odb

Actually, I have one more question regarding view definition. When I put a view definition into a header with related classes everything is OK. But, when I try to move it to a separate file a strange compilation error persists. I've attached the file with view definition, ODB command line for it the same.

Thank you,

>Воскресенье,  3 сентября 2017, 16:10 +03:00 от Boris Kolpackov <boris at>:
>Сергей Никонов < shprotello at > writes:
>> I have a problem with compiling ODB generated code. My simplified project
>> consists of three files: item.h, data.h and item_data.h: item.h and data.h
>> define polymorphic hierarchies and item_data.h binds them and defines a view.
>Can you show the ODB command line(s) you used to compile them?

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