[odb-users] using ODB for interactive access

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Tue Nov 7 08:42:05 EST 2017

Panayiotis Georgiou <ps.georgiou at gmail.com> writes:

> Although this approach keeps the data presented by the view always in sync
> with the database, this approach seems very slow for interactive use. For
> example. clicking on a cell on the table-view to edit it might take maybe
> 1-2 seconds to respond.
> [...] (our database is relatively small)

I am very surprised by this. With SQLite a read operation on a small
database definitely shouldn't take seconds. I think there is something
else going on. The only plausible explanation that I can think of would
be locking in heavy concurrent access but I doubt you have that.

Try to isolate the equivalent database access logic into a separate
test and see how it measures.


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