[odb-users] query crash

Патрушев Данил Андреевич d.patrushev at prosoftsystems.ru
Thu Nov 2 09:23:49 EDT 2017

Hi, we are developing an app which uses odb for database interaction. The problem that we facing is sporadic crashes with the stacktrace showing that the program stops inside odb :: pgsql :: query functions, specifically in code dealing with the "parameters_" class member. Here's the pattern we are using:

1) create a query object in thread number 1

2) create a functor (say, lambda) containing the code to execute a database request and copy the query object into the functor

3) launch a worker thread and call the functor within that thread's context.

4) pass the result back to thread number 1

Is it safe to use odb:: pgsql::query in this manner?

С уважением,
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Патрушев Данил Андреевич

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