[odb-users] Bad allocation exception thrown when executing query

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Thu Jul 13 09:52:28 EDT 2017

bxt161230 at utdallas.edu <bxt161230 at utdallas.edu> writes:
> Using Visual Studios debugger, I get two different stack traces for
> the same query. I am using a MySQL database.  I have attached the
> stack traces to this email, and also attaching my create file and
> the classes I have created to use odb.

I looked at your database and it is unlikely you are really running
out of memory. So this most likely a memory corruption. Try to run
your application under a memory checking tool. I am not sure what's
the options are on Windows, on Linux you could try valgrind or an
address sanitizer.

Another thought: check that your are not loading the same object
recursively (e.g., via a cyclical relationship). If that's the
case, then use odb::session (see the manual for details).


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