[odb-users] SQLite Concurrency

Mike Ruffing mike.ruffing at ipconfigure.com
Wed Jan 25 16:58:20 EST 2017


Operation System: Ubuntu 16.04
ODB: 2.4.0
SQLite: 3.12.2

Is it possible to query (select statement) a SQLite database using multiple
threads (unique connection per thread via connection_pool_factory), without
one blocking the other?

Modifying the "hello" odb example, I created one long running query (> 3
seconds) and four short running queries (< 1 second).  I hosted each
"db->query" in its own thread, executing the long running query first.  I
can see all the threads begin execution but the four short running queries
block at the begin transaction, waiting for the long query transaction to

Mike Ruffing

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