[odb-users] Output of native SQL statement in SQLite.

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Jan 9 09:21:52 EST 2017

Hi Rohith,

Tenneti, Rohith UTC CCS <Rohith.Tenneti at fs.utc.com> writes:

> I am trying to capture the output of SQL statement in SQLite
> "PRAGMA integrity_check;" using :
>         session s;
>         transaction t( db->begin() );
>         numRows = db->execute("PRAGMA integrity_check");
>         t.commit();

According to the SQLite documentation, "If the integrity_check pragma finds
problems, strings are returned (as multiple rows with a single column per
row) which describe the problems. If pragma integrity_check finds no errors,
a single row with the value 'ok' is returned."

So in a sense it behaves like SELECT which means you can use a view to
get the result:

#pragma db view query("PRAGMA integrity_check")
struct integrity_check
  std::string problem;

for (const integrity_check& ic: db.query<integrity_check> ())
  cerr << ic.problem << endl;


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