[odb-users] Combining ODB with CXX Tree

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Dec 11 11:11:14 EST 2017

Jeroen N. Witmond <jnw at xs4all.nl> writes:

>   <complexType name="bicycle">
>     <sequence>
>       <element name="id"   type="unsignedInt"/>
>       <element name="name" type="NCName"     />
>     </sequence>
>   </complexType>
> [...]
> namespace test
> {
> #pragma db object(bicycle)
> #pragma db member(bicycle::id_) id get(id()) set(id(?))
> #pragma db member(bicycle::name_) get(name()) set(name(?))
> }
> [...]
>   ::xsd::cxx::tree::one< id_type > id_();

This declares a function, its doesn't call the default constructor.
xsd::cxx::tree::one<> is not default-constructible.

The way you can work around it (you could make one<> an ODB wrapper
if you wanted to do it "properly") is by using virtual data members.
Something along these lines:

#pragma db object(bicycle) transient
#pragma db member(bicycle::id) virtual(bicycle::id_type) id get(id()) set(id(?))


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