[odb-users] Reuse inheritance and id column names

Артём Бодрин abodrin at gmail.com
Mon May 23 03:51:53 EDT 2016

Good morning, Boris

>> Is this an odb-compiler bug, or i must do something else to meet my needs?
> It's what we call a "limitation", a bug that will be very hard to fix
> and which we probably won't do ;-).

A very, very familiar explanation ;-))

As for workaround: it's good for me, and for most db developers around, i think. Good code mostly doesn't rely on actual order of columns in tables, as i see it.
Huge load of thanks to you and your team, great work! 8-)
By the way, do you think this "limitation" worth to be described in docs, or some kind of FAQ, for future?

Regards, Artem Bodrin.

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