[odb-users] Queries not working as expected with large numbers of objects

Andrew Cunningham odb at a-cunningham.com
Mon May 9 18:04:26 EDT 2016

Hi Boris,

I am executing  a couple of simple queries on a class of objects on a
simple,non-indexed "integer" member

odb::query<CNode3D> q = odb::query<CNode3D>::useCnt == 1;
odb::query<CNode3D> q = odb::query<CNode3D>::useCnt > 1;

Works perfectly when the number of objects is , say, n=1000

However, I am seeing some incorrect behavior when querying large numbers of

For example, when the number of objects that might meet the search criteria
is >300,000 the "useCnt == 1" query is returning objects with a useCnt=4(!)
, for example, while the "useCnt > 1" query is returning 0 objects in it's

This is 100% repeatable.

ODB 2.4.0 /SQLite 3.12.2

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