[odb-users] Re:Object Loading

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Mar 28 10:48:26 EDT 2016

Hi Andrew,

Andrew Cunningham <andrew at a-cunningham.com> writes:

> My suggestion remains that it would be useful to a subset of users to
> provide an additional type of lazy_ptr  that has the 'auto-load' behavior.
> You might think it is trivial to write,but not everyone is an expert in
> advanced C++ templates, and traits and so forth.  As long as it is not the
> default, I don't see the 'harm'' in it , apart from it being additional
> work for you to maintain and document.

Yes, I think this is a valid point. I've added a potential new feature
to our list. Perhaps this could be a bool template argument. If we do
this it will only be after we drop support for C++98 since the number
of lazy pointers we currently have is too much.


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