Re: [odb-users] Compile error in XXX-odb.cxx when exchanging std::weak_ptr for odb::lazy_weak_ptr

dieter.govaerts at dieter.govaerts at
Mon Mar 21 11:54:00 EDT 2016

Hello Boris,

>> The problem is resolved when I remove the 'const' from the template
>> argument. I like to have it with the 'const' however. How can I resolve
>> this?
> Can you replace line 13 in libodb/odb/lazy-ptr-impl.txx:
> return static_cast<DB&> (db).template load<T> (id);
> With:
> return static_cast<DB&> (db).template load<
>   typename object_traits<T>::object_type> (id);
> And let me know if it helps?

That fixed it indeed. Thank you!


PS Just for the public archives: it was line 31 in libodb/odb/lazy-ptr-impl.txx.

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