[odb-users] Native view paramter placeholder (?)

Andrei Ivanov andrei.i.ivanov at commandus.com
Thu Jun 9 02:40:27 EDT 2016

Hi All,

When aI put parameter placeholder for text '(?)' like this:

#pragma db view query("SELECT \"object_id\" userid FROM \"User_phones\"
WHERE value_number1 = '(?)'");

it produces SQL statements with parens like this

..."User_phones" WHERE value_number1 = '(79141040619)'

If I use '?' without parens, it appends WHERE clause because ther is no
pacleholder found.

How must I use striing placeholder?

Best regards,

Andrei Ivanov
tel:+7 (914) 104-0619
fax:+1 (801) 880-0903

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