[odb-users] Linking problem at Ubuntu 16.04

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Thu Jun 2 08:56:15 EDT 2016

Hi Andrew,

Andrew Hoffmeyer <andy.hoffmeyer at turnkeycorrections.com> writes:

> Not sure if this is your exact scenario, but the problem seems to come from
> the fact that, with Ubuntu 15.10 and greater, the libraries from the Ubuntu
> repositories are built with GCC 5.1 or later.  Starting with GCC 5.1, GCC
> started using an ABI tag on C++11 library features, and any library built
> with these newer versions of GCC will have this ABI tag embedded in them,
> for certain things.  This becomes a problem, when you're building your own
> code with an older (<5.1) version of GCC or any (at the time of this
> writing) version of Clang.

Thanks for the information. Now I have two theories:

1. libodb were built in the C++11 mode while libodb-<db> -- in C++98.

2. libodb were (re-)built with GCC 5.1 while libodb-<db> are still
   old packages built with GCC 4.X.


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