[odb-users] .zip attachments are no longer accepted

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Sat Jul 2 06:20:09 EDT 2016


Code Synthesis mail servers (which are hosting this mailing lists) no
longer accept .zip attachments. Here is the relevant fragment from the
updated Subscription and Posting Guidelines[1]:

7. Preferably no attachments, strictly no .zip.

If sending sample source code, test inputs, etc., unless it is fairly small
(say, less than 20KB), prefer to upload the archive on the Web somewhere and
put the URL into your post. If it is really small, just attach it to the
email, uncompressed.

Whether attaching or uploading, make sure that you do not include generated
source code, object files, libraries, or executables in your archive.

If you have to attach the archive to the email, use archive formats for which
open-source decompression tools are widely available, such as .tar.gz,
.tar.bz2, and .tar.xz. In particular, do not use .rar. While .zip also
satisfies this criteria and is the only format supported by Windows out of the
box, most malware these days is sent as .zip archives. As a result, our mail
servers (and those of many other organizations) simply reject any mail that
contains .zip attachments. So if you are only able to create a .zip archive,
then you will have to upload it.

[1] http://codesynthesis.com/support/posting-guidelines.xhtml


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