AW: [odb-users] AW: SQL Epiloge

Marcel Nehring mne at
Fri Feb 19 06:29:28 EST 2016

Hi Boris,

I can confirm that providing the option --sql-epilogue-file multiple times works as expected. Also the issue with the comment seems to be fixed.
I still see, however, that \r\n in my file is converted to \r\r\n in the generated schema definition.


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Hi Marcel,

Marcel Nehring <mne at> writes:

> I don't "need" a pre-release since it was no problem to find other 
> ways to fulfill my needs. However, if you want me to test and verify 
> the fix I can certainly do so.

Ok, I finally got around to packaging it:

If you have a chance to give that newline duplication fix a go, that would be great.


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