[odb-users] Build libodb on OS X (Solved)

Sverre Eplov sverre at awion.dk
Thu Feb 4 04:03:36 EST 2016

   Hi Boris,

   I should have mentioned that in   while attempting to get the configure sy   output when doing './configure CXX=clang++&

   checking for -force_load linker fl
   checking how to run the C preprocessor... /usr/bin/clang++<
   configure: error: in `/Users/sverre/tmp/package-1.1.0':

   con   check
   See `config.log' for more details


   So without the specific specifications for the CC compiler and prepro   cessor, the configure attempts to use the C++ compiler to check for C
   prepr   Error" 
   Btw, I've managed t   I need to recompile odb u   won't work with the librari   I need to work out an efficent wa   libraries using clang, and then how to compi   libcutl I need to figure out how to compile and l   GCC, even though the one installed on the system is compile   clang.



     Den 4. februar 2016 klokken 09:20 skrev Bo     <boris at codesynthesis.com>:
     Hi Sverre,
     <     > ./configure      I bet if you just specified      in libodb,
     only C++, so setting CC d     configure
     decide which preprocessor      have
     worked fine. Sometimes less      Boris

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